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Introducing Grandpic

Photography + Gamification + Social

Discover a new social sharing photo game. Daily missions, achievements, badges, leaderboards, power-ups and real awards. Challenge your friends and show who's the best photographer!.

& Play

Shoot, apply new filters and frames and compete with friends to score higher ranking in order to get locked items and win real awards!

Grandpic is the first social sharing photo game. You can complete daily missions, earn points, badges, level up and show your skills as photographer.


Not inspired today? Don't worry, Grandpic has a lot of ideas for you! Everyday we release new missions to take pictures with differents moods or topics. Read the description, complete goals and earn your reward.

Daily missions are optional, but upon completing them you will earn points and level up faster. Also most missions unlock power-ups!.

& Badges

Every action in Grandpic produces points. Upload pictures, use filters and frames, complete missions, receiving feedback from your friends, etc.

Get points to level up and smash the ranking. We deliver real awards every week. Oh! And a lot of badges are waiting for you. Discover them by tagging pictures!

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